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Accommodation in Botswana

Botswana's government has adopted a high cost - low impact approach to tourism. Therefore Botswana is an exclusive and expensive destination.

of accommodation is strongly advised.

Of the many lodges within the Delta, most are small and intimate.
Access to the Delta is generally by light aircraft into one of the many airstrips attached to private safari lodges.
On many of the private concession areas located in the heart of the Delta, outside the Game Reserve, it is possible to take part in organized walking activities from a lodge base. These are by no means strenuous but usually take around 3-4 hours and are included as part of the activity packages of many lodges. The opportunity to see wildlife at relatively close quarters on foot is one of the most exhilarating parts of any African holiday, and the knowledgeable and experienced guides ensure a thoroughly safe experience!


All main towns have hotels which compare favourably to international standards, with air conditioning, swimming pools, conference facilities, well trained staff and restaurant and bar facilities. There are also many smaller hotels which cater for the budget conscious.


These are generally located inside or close to a game reserve and are smaller and more intimate than hotels. The emphasis is on personal service and customer comfort.

Permanent Tented Safari Camps: 

Located once again inside or close to a game reserve, these are generally for the more affluent traveller. The tents are luxurious and spacious with en-suite facilities. Personal attention is lavished on the guests, the cuisine is generally excellent and professional safari guides are at hand. There are however, some permanent tented camps available for the budget conscious traveller.

Self-Catering accommodation: 

Not generally available in Botswana, although there are some chalets in tourist areas which have braai/barbecue facilities.


Most town hotels do provide camping areas which offer a wide range of facilities including cooking areas. Campsites within the national parks are very basic. Ablution blocks and open fireplaces are standard at most campsites although some sites are often just cleared spots. None of the campsites inside the national parks are fenced and tourists need to adopt a sensible and responsible attitude to the potential dangers of this freedom.


Botswana offers wonderful value for families, although some camps consider certain minimum ages of children. The standard minimum age for children is 12 years. Some camps allow for children between 8 – 12 years and a selected few camps allow for children younger than 8 years, but often activities may be restricted and will depend at the discretion of their guide. Gondwana Travel Centre have family friendly packages available that make use of discounted children rates, family rooms etc. (We will advise you of any restrictions should you wish to bring your children with).
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