Destination Orientation - Southern Africa


We believe that part of Southern Africa's charm is the wide variety of places to visit and the comprehensive range of travel options and safari activities to choose from. Your available time, interests and budget essentially determines the type of Southern African holiday that you choose and it is our aim to familiarise you with the different choices of safari types, styles and activities throughout the region...                                              Check your Visa Requirements here        

Southern African map

Southern Africa - General Information

Country Local Time Language Health Precautions Currency
Namibia GMT + 2
GMT + 1
Malaria (North & East)
Hepatitis (recommended)
1 Namibian Dollar (NAD) = 100 cents

GMT + 2


Tetanus 1
1 Botswana Pula (BWP) = 100 thebe
South Africa GMT + 2 English
Malaria 1 South African Rand (ZAR) = 100 cents
Zambia GMT + 2 English Malaria
Yellow Fever
Bilharzia (dams)
1 Zambia Kwacha = 100 ngwee
Zimbabwe GMT + 2 English Hepatitis (recommended)
 USD & ZAR are the common tender
Mozambique GMT + 2


Yellow Fever
Hepatitis (recommended)
1 Mozambican Metical = 100 centavos
Angola GMT + 1 Portuguese Malaria
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis (recommended)
Kwanza (USD is the common tender)
Mauritius GMT + 4 English
no vaccinations required 1 Mauritian Rupee = 100 cent

Namibia Daylight Saving:

Summertime is GMT + 2, from the first Sunday in September to the first Sunday in April.
Wintertime    is GMT + 1, from the first Sunday in April to the first Sunday in September.

Quick Country Overview:

Vacation Preferences - Southern Africa can be visited in various ways, here are a few..., view our Travel Options

  Cost Ease Safari Experience
Namibia Mid High Mid
Botswana H-Super Med Super
South Africa L-Mid Super High
Zambia High Low Mid
Zimbabwe Mid Med Mid
Mozambique M-High Low Low
Angola H-Super Low Low
Mauritius Mid High Low


Cost The general cost of hired transport, tours, activities and accommodation
Ease The ease to travel either with public transport, rental vehicle and or scheduled tours. High will be easy and a low will be difficult
Safari Experience The safari experience in regards to the amount of animals that can be seen in game reserves


Visa Requirements: The African authorities are known for changing the visa status of particular countries without much notice!  Please be sure to consult the relevant diplomatic offices for current requirements - Check your Visa Requirements here

Passport:  You must have a valid passport that does not expire for at least six months after your return home. Please ensure your passport has sufficient blank pages for any visas required and for entry/departure stamps.

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