Gross-Barmen Hot Springs

Gross Barmen nestles on the banks of a tributary of the Swakop River in scenic surroundings, and is a delightful stopover for travellers making their way to the coast or further north.

The beautiful setting was described most aptly by Charles Andersson when he visited the springs in 1850: "Towards the west, and immediately behind the station, rise irregular masses of low, broken rocks, ending abruptly on one side in a bluff, about one thousand feet high ... To the east, it faces the Swakop, the course of which is conspicuously marked by the handsome black-stemmed mimosa. Beyond this, the view is limited by a noble range of picturesque mountains, rising between six and seven thousand feet above the level of the sea."

Hot mineral spring:

The focal point of the resort is the thermal spring which supplies water to the indoor thermal hall and the outdoor swimming pool. The fountain or "eye" which feeds the two pools has been walled in and is covered with a metal dome symbolising the bubbling spring which flows at about 6 700 litres per hour. The concentration of fluoride and sulphate is lower than the water at Ai-Ais and, with a temperature of about 65 degrees centigrade; the water is about 5 degrees warmer. Other minerals include sodium phosphate, sodium, chloride, silicate and potassium.

The clusters of lamps in the thermal hall are also symbolic of the bubbling spring. A novel feature of the indoor thermal hall, which is enclosed on one side with glass, is a sunken bath with an artificial waterfall where bathers can soothe their muscles. The water in the thermal hall is cooled to about 40 degrees centigrade.

The water temperature of the open-air swimming pool which is influenced by the air temperature is usually between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius during daytime. The water in the children's splash pool is lukewarm.


The turnoff to the resort is signposted a short distance beyond the southern entrance to Okahandja on the B2. Follow the sign posted road (Route 87) to reach the turnoff to the resort 25 km further on.


Accommodation ranges from luxury air-conditioned units sleeping five, to two-bedded bungalows and rooms, while camping and caravan sites with communal ablutions and field kitchens are also available.

All accommodation units are equipped with refrigerators, kettles and hot plates, as well as with wash basins, toilets and showers, while the luxury bungalows also have baths. Each unit has its own outside fireplace.

The two-bed bungalows are not equipped with cooking facilities, while a field kitchen is available for visitors who have reservations. Bedding and towels are supplied, but not crockery, cutlery or cooking utensils.


The chief attractions of the resort are the open-air swimming pool and the indoor thermal bath. Other amenities include tennis courts and a children’s' playground. There is a restaurant, a shop which sells souvenirs, groceries and liquor, and a filling station.
Restaurant hours: 07h00 to 09h00; 12h00 to 14h00; 18h00 to 22h00.
Meal times: 07h00 to 08h30; 12h00 to 13h30; 18h00 to 20h30.

Please note:

Day visitors must make prior arrangements for their visits at the camp, and must leave the rest-camp before 18h00
Overnight visitors with reserved accommodation may enter unrestricted, provided entrance and accommodation fees are paid during office hours.
Open throughout the year
No pets allowed. (Kennels at the gate, but owners must care for pets themselves.)
No motor-cycles, scooters or power-cycles allowed
Mineral bath
Thermal swimming-pool and outdoor swimming-pool
Tennis courts
Play park for children

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