Angola - Highlights

Angola is Southern Africa’s final frontier...

Angola is a giant jigsaw puzzle of different climates, landscapes, cultures and colours. From mountains to vast open plains, wide white beaches to thick tropical rainforest, Angola has it all, as if each of its eighteen provinces were different countries.


  • Tourism in Angola at this stage is still under developed and rustic; in other words, there is no luxury and you could expect that things do not always run as planned or scheduled.
  • Travel to Angola is super expensive!
  • Angola does not “cater” for single travellers unless you are prepared to pay an arm & a leg. 
  • The safaris that we are currently arranging in Angola mainly focus around scenery & cultures; game parks are under developed and not well stocked with game/wildlife.
  • Angola is an exciting destination to travel in; but it is also not suitable for the faint hearted, accommodation used on safari is either rustic lodging or camping.
  • Angolan visas are difficult to obtain and arrangements need to be made well in advance.
  • There is a lot more involved in the quotation and booking process, therefore you need to have loads of patience.

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Due largely to the devastating civil war that racked Angola for nearly 30 years, tourism has barely touched this remote and spectacular country which offers a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience...

  • Dramatic landscapes, with plunging waterfalls, bizarre rock formations, deep gorges and the vast Namib desert.
  • Roaring rivers that snake across the country and magnificent cascading waterfalls.
  • Coconut palm beaches, white sand and warm tropical waters.
  • Angola is extremely rich in bird life with over 900 species, including plenty of endemics and near-endemics, and has a range of biomes and ecosystems that are almost unequalled in Africa.
  • Numerous Game & Nature Reserves & Parks
  • Long coastline with excellent conditions for sport fishing; shore fishing and deep sea fishing; both cold and warm water species.
  • Beautiful places, ideal to enjoy the photographic sunsets all year round.
  • Rich history of cultures and traditions
  • Museums and historical sights; Luanda has a Museum of Anthropology, a Museum of Natural History and a Slave Museum.
  • Mouth watering sea food, strong spices, many culinary specialities result in one of the best cuisine of Africa.
  • Music & Dance - Great tradition in night life combining sensual movements, hot rhythms, strong emotions and the vibrant traditional beat. Modern Angolan popular music is closely tied with Caribbean and Brazilian musical traditions.
  • Paintings & Craft Work - Souvenirs of wood, ceramics, metal and paintings of great beauty and originality.
  • Angolan Style - There are several ethnic groups in Angola with something in common, the "Angolan style". It's something contagious that identifies the Angolan and distinguishes him from the other Africans.
  • Experiences - The evolution of Angola is very specific that originates situations, behaviours and an atmosphere rather unusual.

Angola provides unrivalled opportunities for nature lovers, photographers, bird watchers and overland enthusiasts, but definately NOT a destination for the faint hearted!!!

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