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Mozambique - Highlights

With 2,500 km of coastline, this beautiful country offers spectacular scenery, excellent water activities and some of the world's best diving sites. Despite Mozambique's turbulent history, a great deal of work has been done since the end of the civil war to rebuild the infrastructure. Attractions centre on the coastline with long stretches of pristine, white sand beaches and shallow, warm waters with extensive coral reefs. Inland areas are yet to be fully developed for tourism, and wildlife populations are still recovering from the civil war, but great potential exists for the wilderness areas which centre around the inland plateau and mountain ranges.

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Why visit Mozambique?

  • Incredible tropical coastline that has endless white beaches fringed with coconut palms and warm blue seas for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.
  • The fascinating island of Ilha de Mozambique which in spite of years of civil war, has retained its numerous 16th to 19th century buildings.
  • The charming site of the old wooden dhows bringing in the days catch onto white beaches from crystal clear waters.
  • Colourful and bustling local markets
  • Deep-sea game fishing
  • Vibrant ambience which as a heady mixture of African, Portuguese and Arab influence, giving a feel of European and tropical flavour.
  • Bird watching on the Bazaruto Archipelago and spotting the rare crab plover and green coucal, which are two examples of the abundant birdlife on these islands.
  • The beautiful islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago, which are accessed by sea or air.
  • One of the richest marine biodiversities in the warm Indian Ocean.

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