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Namibia National Parks

Game Parks, Nature Reserves, Conservation Areas and  Conservancies

Some conservation areas in Namibia are owned and managed by Government and  others by the private sector.
Namibia’s 20 state-run reserves and game parks are owned by Government and  managed on its behalf by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET),  Directorate Parks and Wildlife Management.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) manage the 12 government-owned resorts  in these parks and reserves.

Namibia was the first country in the world to include the protection of the  environment in its constitution. The protection of rated and endangered  species was initiated in 1972, protection of the black rhino gained momentum  in the early eighties with Namibia being one of the only countries in Africa  with a growing population of black rhino and cheetah, in and outside national  parks – both species are internationally considered highly endangered  species.

Since independence the private sector has become increasingly involved in  wildlife conservation and there has been a rapid escalation in the number and  size of private conservation areas.

Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Website:  www.met.gov.na

Namibia Wildlife Resorts operate the accommodation and camping in all the National Parks. 

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