Namib Naukluft Park - Sandwich Harbour Section


Sandwich Harbour is situated near Walvis Bay at the foot of towering dunes, the area was once an open bay which has become silted up over the years, and it is a sensitive environment which has gained international importance as a wetland.



Sandwich is accessible by four-wheel drive only.
From the traffic circle at the entrance to Walvis Bay continue along Union Street to its junction with The Esplanade. Turn left here (south) and continue with this road to the turnoff sign posted Paaltjies where you take the left-hand fork. A short distance further, the road forks once more and here you keep to the left. The road now winds through the salt works and the Kuiseb Delta along a well-defined track which soon splits into several tracks. Keep to the well-defined tracks closest to the sand-dunes along the edge of the salt pan. Shortly before reaching the park fence the tracks veer off onto the beach. From here it is roughly 20 km to the northern boundary of Sandwich through loose sand.

There is a choice of two routes - a direct route along the beach or a more inland route.

If you choose the latter option continue around the fence for a few hundred metres before the tracks continue southwards. Langduin (Long Dune) is reached after about 7 km and, depending on local conditions, is usually best crossed along its ridge. If there are no fresh tracks to follow, work your way around the base, but be extremely careful not to get bogged down in the salt flats. After traversing the dune the route once again passes through a salt pan as far as Rondeduin (Round Dune), where you reach the beach. The southern boundary of the angling area is about 9km further on.


Overnight camping at Sandwich is strictly prohibited.
Accommodation at Walvis Bay ranges from caravan and camp sites to hotels and fully equipped bungalows; alternatively Swakopmund also offers visitors a choice of several hotels and pensions.


None at all.


Open to day visitors between sunrise and sunset
Only 4x4 vehicles are allowed.
Entry permits are available in Swakopmund
No camping allowed
No angling allowed between 25 January and 15 April

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