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The Caprivi Strip

(North Eastern Namibia)

The Caprivi Strip is a long panhandle enclosed by permanent water and stretching eastwards from the Kavango River on the western side to and along the Zambezi River on the eastern side, ending at the border junction of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

This lush savannah area is bounded by the Kwando, Linyanti and Chobe River system on the southern border with Botswana and with the Zambezi River forming part of its northern boundary with Zambia.

Almost 70% of the bird species found in Namibia have been recorded in the Caprivi.

The Caprivi is home to 4 of Namibia's Conservation Game Parks:

Mahango Game Reserve:

Borders on the perennial Kavango River (Okavango River as it is know once the river crosses the border to Botswana) and is characterized by riverine forest, broad flood plains, magnificent baobabs and large herds of elephant and red lechwe. Mahango is one of Namibia’s most diverse and interesting conservation areas.

Caprivi Game Park:</h"

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