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Caprivi Game Park

Situated between Angola and Botswana, the 32 km-wide Caprivi Game Park of 5 715 sq km extends for about 180 km from the Kavango River in the west to the Kwando River in the east. Proclaimed in 1968, this area is managed as a conservation area by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The landscape in the park is generally flat, except for sporadic 30 m to 60m high dunes covered in vegetation. Deciduous woodlands are dominated by trees such as wild seringa, copalwood, Zambezi teak, wild teak and several wild raisin and bushwillow species.

While the park is sanctuary to 35 large and numerous small game species, visitors with normal vehicles are not likely to see many of these animals, as traffic is restricted to the road between Kavango and Eastern Caprivi. However, there are tourist tracks along the western bank of the Kwando River that can be negotiated by 4x4 vehicles.

Animals likely to be seen while driving through the park are elephant, roan and kudu. These species roam throughout the area, while buffalo occur towards the west in the Buffalo Core Conservation Area and in the east along the Kwando River. Because there is no surface water, most species congregate along the Okavango and Kwando rivers and at the Malombe and Ndwasa pans in the north east.

As many as 339 bird species have been recorded in West Caprivi, which makes a drive through the park especially rewarding to birdwatchers.

There is no accommodation or tourist facilities in the Caprivi Game Park, however there are several campsites and lodges in the surroundings.

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