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A variety of excursions are on offer from this historic town and can easily be arranged, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details and assistance:

Elizabeth Bay Tour: (*)

Marvel at the ghost-like relics of diamond settlement, this excursion takes in the seal colony at Atlas Bay.

Bogenfels Adventure Tour: (*)

A full day 4x4 excursion into the Prohibited Diamond Area to the ‘Bogenfels” rock arch. This excursion takes one past the Ida Valley and ghost town of Pomona, includes a historic diamond mining station and numerous village amenities.

(*) Advance bookings required due to permit application.

Sedina Boat Trip:

A cruise on the Sedina (a rigged schooner) will take you out across the bay, past Diaz Point and across to Halifax Island – home to a colony of endearing Jackass Penguins (African Penguins). En route you may encounter Cape Fur Seals basking on the rocks at the base of Diaz Point and the endemic Heavyside Dolphins often surface at the bows of the schooner and race along side. Weather permitting the Sedina departs at 08h00 every morning from the harbour jetty. If the tour goes all the way out to Halifax Island it returns to the jetty at approximately 10h30 – allowing just enough time to drive out to Kolmanskop Ghost Town to join the second tour. Dress warmly as the breeze coming off the ocean can be rather cold. 
It is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Kolmanskop Ghost Town:

As Kolmanskop Ghost Town is located within the restricted diamond area (the Sperrgebiet) a permit is necessary to visit. 
Guided tours are conducted from Monday to Saturday at 09h30 and 10h45. On Sundays there is only one tour at 10h00. Entrance into Kolmanskop outside of these hours is prohibited.
For photographers, photo permits (from sunrise to sunset) can be obtained during office hours.

(Top Billing visits Kolmanskop Ghost Town, view the video on our Facebook page)


Stone-age artefacts found in the region confirm that Khoisan People knew the area centuries before Europeans arrived. ‘Little Bay’, or Angra Pequena was found by the Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias in 1488. An agent of a German merchant from Bremen, Adolf Luderitz, landed at Angra Pequena. In 1884 this land became part of the protectorate of the German Empire, marking the beginning of German colonial rule in Namibia, referred to then as Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika. The town is renowned for its old-world charm and distinctly German colonial architecture.



Standing proudly on Diamond Hill Goerke Haus seems to watch over the town. Now owned by Namdeb Goerke Haus is furnished with beautiful antique furniture. If not in use by visiting VIP’s the house is open from Monday to Friday from 14h00 – 15h00 and on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 16h00 to 17h00. A donation is requested.


The “church on the rocks” is open every afternoon between 18h00 -19h00 in the summer months and 17h00 – 18h00 in the winter months. Sunset is the best time to appreciate the beautiful stained glass windows which were donated by Kaiser Wilhelm II.


A drive along the coast passes Radford Bay and Sturmvogelbucht to reach Diaz Point, where a replica of the cross, erected by the Portuguese explorer Bartholemeau Diaz, stands on a wild and windy point overlooking the cold Atlantic.


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