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Car Rental Terms & Conditions

The rate options for NIL excess liability are slightly higher but are strongly recommended!

  • It is generally cheaper to rent a car from Windhoek, renting from any other location around Namibia incurs fairly hefty delivery fees (as most car rental companies are based in Windhoek)
  • Ensure that you rent from a reputable car rental company.
  • Getting everything paid for on the vehicle before you go saves you hassle and money at the other end. Ensure that you are aware what your excess deposit will be.
  • Camping equipment can be rented through the car rental companies or from a local camping rental supplier.
  • Pre-book your car hire in Namibia, especially between July to December!!

Rental Rate Terms and Conditions:

  • The rates are guaranteed at time of reservation, thereafter any modification will result in rate / price defaulting to current values.
  • The minimum rental period is 1 (one) day. A rental day is calculated on a 24-hour cycle which starts from the time of check-out. Should a vehicle be returned late, the renter will be charged for an additional day/s at the extension rate, which the renter will need to settle directly with the rental company.
  • Rates are only valid when pre-reserved and / or pre-paid to the rental company.
  • A cancellation & No Show fees will apply as per our New African Frontiers Trading Terms & Conditions.
  • The minimum rental age is 21 years. The renter and additional driver must have been in possession of a valid driver's licence for a minimum of 1 year.

Modification and Rate Guarantee

In the case of guaranteed reservations, certain modifications will break the conditions of the guaranteed rate and therefore the current rate values will be applied to the reservation. They are:

  • Change to check-out location
  • Change to check-out date and / or time
  • Change to car group
  • Change to check-in location
  • Change to check-in date and / or time

Deposits Due on Rates

Please note that the deposits and any other extras the rate excludes may not be included in the voucher value. The customer should settle direct with the rental company. The deposits will be collected at time of rental and can only be done by the customer tendering a recognised bank credit card. Debit cards are not accepted. Authorisation for the applicable amount will be obtained on the credit card at time of pick-up. When the customer returns the car and no charges are applicable, the rental company will cancel the applicable authorisation. Any other charges will be levied on return of the vehicle.

Extensions on Rates

Should the renter wish to extend his rental in excess of the voucher value, he will be responsible for settling the amount directly with the rental company. The charge will be as per the agreed extension rate.


  • Deliver and Collection Fee
  • Cross Border Fee

Maximum Insurance Cover Rates Include:

  • Maximum Collision Damage Waiver
  • Maximum Theft Loss Waiver
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Unlimited Kilometres
  • Value Added Tax @ 15% (VAT)

Rates are subject to change without prior notice!

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