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Hints & Tips regarding Car Hire in Namibia

  • It is generally cheaper to rent a car from Windhoek, renting from any other location around Namibia incurs fairly hefty delivery fees (as most car rental companies are based in Windhoek)
  • Ensure that you rent from a reputable car rental company.
  • Getting everything paid for on the vehicle before you go saves you hassle and money at the other end. Ensure that you are aware what your excess deposit will be.
  • Camping equipment can be rented through the car rental companies or from a local camping rental supplier.
  • Pre-book your car hire in Namibia, especially between July to December!!

Namibia Distance Chart

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Rental Assurance:

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, our partners provide a 24-hour back-up service to all our clients on the road, no matter where they are travelling at the time. They have established contact with a network of workshops and mechanics throughout Namibia, Botswana and the rest of Southern Africa who are on standby to assist our clients in the case of a breakdown. Should the problem be too serious, take too long or parts are unavailable, they will replace the vehicle with an equivalent immediately.

Rental Rates:

Due to the vast distances you will travel in Namibia, we only recommend car hire deals, which include unlimited kilometres. This means a slightly higher cost per day, but which will save you in the long run.

Fuel Deposit:

A Refundable fuel deposit is payable upon receipt of vehicle. Please take note that the following items are generally not insured and you will be required to pay in full for any of these damages that occurs to the vehicle:

  • Under Body Damage
  • Tyres, rims and hubcaps
  • Sand Blasting Damage

Rental Excess Deposit:

The excess deposit is intended to cover your excess, which constitutes your maximum liability in the event of anything happening to the car while you are hiring it. You will be required to pay for any damage, including tyre and windscreen that occurs to the vehicle up to the excess amount. (Important: Compare rental excesses)
The rate options for NIL excess liability are slightly higher but are strongly recommended!

The standard procedure for this excess deposit is as follows:

  • The car hire company will gain an authorisation on your credit card. This is done by contacting the bank to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the deposit.
  • A manual credit card slip will be processed for the deposit amount and you will be required to sign this slip.
  • The car hire company will retain this credit card slip until you return the hire car.
  • In the case of the car being returned in good condition the authorisation will be cancelled and the credit card slip destroyed.
  • If damage has been caused to the hire car you will be required to pay for this damage, the maximum extent of your liability will be the deposit amount.
  • Most areas in Namibia are reachable in a normal 2x4 vehicle, but the more remote areas, such as Kaokoland and Bushman Land, require four-wheel drive.

Tips when collecting your rental vehicle:

  • When you pick up the rental vehicle, inspect it carefully and make sure they note any damage.
  • Report anything significant before you drive off.
  • Ensure that you have a spare tyre in good condition
  • Ensure that you have all the necessary tools to change tyres

As a safety precaution it may be worth joining a Namibian Driving Instruction Course and if you are heading into remote areas renting a Satellite Telephone in Namibia (Contact us for more information)

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