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Namibia Tailor-Made Guided Safaris

All our Tailor-made Guided Safaris are quoted for individually based on -

  • Group Size 
  • Desired Destinations
  • Interests
  • Transport Choice
  • Travel Budget
  • Season etc. therefore we invite you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Custom Designed Safaris:

We offer total touring flexibility - Specialising in custom designed safaris, we cater for the most discerning travellers’ needs and offer personalised attention, service and exclusivity of the safari guide.

Our trips range from guided game safaris and cultural tours through to educational tours. These safaris are conducted either by road or air, or a combination thereof, depending on the client’s choice or the nature of their itinerary.

For premiere experiences, we offer an extraordinary selection of unique private Guided Safaris, using the most qualified, knowledgeable people, personalities and locations.

Beautiful landscapes make for nice holiday photos, but we believe it is the people of the country that make for lifelong memories.

We introduce guests to the people of Namibia through specially chosen accommodation or with our hand-picked guides that will share their stories, experiences and local knowledge.

Our custom created safaris reflect clients’ style of travel and are designed specifically to meet individual requirements and interests.

Safari Guides:

We completely understand that a Safari Guide is one of the most important factors to a successful safari. All our guides are therefore qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of and passion for Namibia and the ability to convey this to our guests.

Scheduled Guided Group Tours

We also offer a wide variety of expertly guided Camping and Lodge Scheduled Group Tours, with guaranteed departure dates featuring the highlights of Namibia.

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