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Namibia Self-Drive Tours Introduction

Our Self-Drive Tours offer unbeatable freedom and flexibility in touring....

See our Namibia Self-Drive Tour Itineraries 

Our Tour Programmes are merely suggested routes and therefore can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs!

Whether you are looking for diverse cultures, wildlife or deserted roads and scenic landscapes - or a combination thereof - we can tailor your trip so that you can concentrate on the very best...!

custom design and orchestrate our self-drive itineraries with consideration and care......

We have a wealth of experience in planning and arranging self-drive tours for our clients who require individual travel. We are experts at analysing tour itineraries and understand the routing, travel time, road and weather conditions involved in travelling and our familiarity with the accommodation establishments and our first-hand knowledge of the places of interest in the surrounding areas assure you of the most enjoyable safari for your interests and budget.

Itinerary Ideas:

We offer a top selection of Self-Drive Tours which allow you to cover Namibia in its diversity at your own pace. Our comprehensive range of suggested itineraries is ideally suited to the first time or seasoned visitor alike.

Our selection of suggested routes can be extended or shortened to suit your requirements and your exact tour dates. All accommodation is pre-booked and you can choose to stay in one style of accommodation or a combination of different types.

We offer great diversity and take clients off the beaten track and away from the mass tourism wherever possible to see and experience the REAL Namibia.

  • We book accommodation where you are assured of quality, comfort and hospitality
  • We provide full ground handling services
  • We offer personalised Meet & Greet and Tour Debriefing Services
  • We have a comprehensive backup system with car rental through out the region
  • We provide Detailed Itineraries, the necessary maps and 'inside information', as well as 24 hour emergency numbers 
  • Costs are calculated in Namibian Dollars meaning better prices for you

Tour Planning Advice for Self-Drive Tours - If you are new to travelling "Self-Drive Tours", especially in Namibia, read on...

  • What must be remembered is that the same thing that makes Namibia a great destination is also its greatest liability.
  • The distances between establishments are great.
  • The roads are also almost exclusively gravel and traffic is minimal. 
  • The vast open spaces and stark contrasts that are so appealing are also daunting if any problem or breakdown may arise. 
  • We are however constantly in contact with the establishments who will notify us if clients are late or have not arrived. We inter can immediately conduct an investigation to locate our clients. 
  • Don’t be too optimistic about how many miles you will travel in a day. If you are, you will not give yourself any chance to pause if you come across a view or attraction that grabs your interest.
  • If your plans require you to travel very big distances in a day, spend 2 nights at the next place you visit.
  • Pre-book accommodation for all your nights, especially from July to December!

See our wide selection of Car Hire; we offer very competitive prices and flexible rentals with comprehensive backup, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with itinerary planning and bookings.

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