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Whatever the focus, the offering of Namibia is immense!

As a destination for young travellers, Namibia is a safe and friendly country!

With our in-depth knowledge of facilities and contacts with a broad range of exchange organisations, we can provide specialised programmes to suit the requirements of all potential visitors.

All our itineraries are researched and developed by our own staff in conjunction with field specialists.

Our Namibian Study Tours include exclusive meetings with experts in special fields, introductions to officials in various organisations and access behind the scenes where public entry is usually denied. All this adds value and meaning to your tour.

Academic Study Programmes:

Our range of educational study programmes can include ecology, geography, resource management, photography, geology, agriculture, conservation and visits to cultural centres.

The tour can be jointly led by one or two lecturers from the faculty and a trip manager / specialist guide. The majority of the course work can be taught by staff, with input from Namibian naturalists where appropriate and external specialists in various fields.

Recreational pursuits can be incorporated into the programmes such as hiking as well as enjoying a selection of activities on rest days.

In keeping with our New African Frontiers’ philosophy, cultural and environmental sensitivity is promoted throughout the trip and during all activities.

Namibia will delight and challenge student’s not satisfied with just hearing about the wonders and diversity of nature and cultures, but who want to experience them first-hand.

Studying the environment is all about taking responsibility for our actions. Sharing the knowledge we have with each other and learning from each other so that together, we can take action against the destruction of our global environment. In Namibia visitors will experience new ideas of a young developing country. Namibians are certainly a breed of their own and your clients will be absorbed into different cultures, including that of the indigenous African people and the Colonialists.

The scenery is no less than inspirational, the staff motivating and the programmes challenging.

Visitors will extend themselves intellectually, socially and personally and enhance confidence in their own overall ability.


The key to success of such a Study Tour is planning; our design and organisational expertise in this field is unrivalled and our professional tour guides are highly experienced in the respective fields of interest.

New African Frontiers will be pleased to assist you with your itinerary and supply quotes depending on fields of interest, group size, duration of tour and combination of highlights.

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