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Namibia provides the perfect destination for visitors to enjoy some of their special interests.

At New African Frontiers, we are continually developing our Namibian self-drive tours and guided tours themed around special interests and activity interests

Our tours focus on popular activities and special aspects of Namibia.
Special interest tours afford clients the opportunity to enjoy a Namibian vacation with the bonus of indulging in their themed tour, with all the benefits of a great itinerary but with something extra. Learning from the locals on interact trips, clients can hone your photographic skills on safari with our photography experts or learn about the environment from our guest lecturers on tours.

We cater for a variety of pursuits and design to appeal both to novice and the more experienced. 

We can suggest an itinerary based on one or a combination of our Special Interest and Popular Sightseeing Tours; any of our suggested tours can be adapted and combined to suit clients’ particular wishes.


Many travellers want to visit local farms. Agritourism (farm tourism) includes visits to working farms for leisure purposes.


This alternative to traditional mass tourism allows travellers to visit areas outside of urban areas. Options include hiking and biking, visiting community museums and buying crafts.


This incorporates cultural tourism, heritage tourism, ecotourism and geotourism.


Geotourism offers explicit recognition and value of cultural heritage— "Tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place – its’ environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its‘ residents." 


Tourism that respects natural and built environments, in short the heritage of the people and places. Renewed appreciation for historical milestones, the development of 'heritage trails' linking cultural landmarks produce new tourism services and products that can assist local economies.


We offer unbeatable freedom and flexibility in touring...!

We specialise in customising innovative, imaginative and versatile itineraries for individuals and groups with specific needs and particular interests; our safaris are tailored to suit individual requirements.

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