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Namibia is a vast country offering a wide variety of places to visit and a comprehensive range of travel options & safari style possibilities to choose from. Your available travel time, interests & budget essentially determines the type of holiday that you choose; it is our aim to offer you the different choices.

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Country Combination Tours
  • Southern Africa
  • Regional Travel
  • Multiple Countries
We offer a selection of itineraries & routings, covering more than one country in Southern Africa - The Regional Experience
Part of Southern Africa's charm and appeal is the amazing diversity that it offers as a region. Our range of Country Combination Tours allow visitors a regional vacation by combining travel to two of more countries making for a much more varied experience.
Self-Drive Tours
  • Tailor-made 
  • "Fly & Drive Tours"
Self-Drive Tours particularly appeal to the independent traveller who is looking for freedom and flexibility. Namibia is ideally suited to self-drive tours due to the excellent infrastructures and good road networks. Almost anything and everything is possible in terms of routes and variety of accommodation or camping establishments.
Fly-In Safaris
  • Tailor-made
  • Luxury Travel
Fly-In Safaris offer you a bird's eye view of the country and allows for travel from one destination to the next in a fraction of the time which makes this option a good choice for the discerning traveller or those with time constraints. The most commonly used aircraft are Cessna Light Aircraft, seating six people, and accommodation can range from private safari camps to lodges and hotels of different standards.
Guided Safaris
  • Tailor-made
  • Private Escorted Safaris
This style of safari has the distinct advantage of having an experienced guide at hand to make your safari experience that much more in-depth and personal. Private Guided Safaris are especially popular with travellers with a 'special interest' or needs, who prefer being 'hosted' by an expert guide. Our safaris are tailor-made to suit each group.
Adventure Expeditions
  • Guided 4x4 Self Drive Safaris
This safari concept combines the challenge of skilful driving with a unique adventure under the instruction and guidance of a professional, experienced local guide. Our Namibian Guided 4x4 Self Drive Safari option offers the ideal opportunity to clients that wish to experience and explore some of the more remote areas the country has to offer.
Scheduled Departures
  • Lodge Tours
  • Guided Group Tours
We offer a diverse vast selection of Scheduled Guided Group Accommodated Tours with guaranteed departure dates featuring the highlights of Namibia. These Tours appeal to individual / single travellers who prefer to travel with a group, this style of touring often provides a number of benefits, not the least of which is an attractive price.
Scheduled Departures
  • Camping Safaris
  • Guided Group Safaris
  • Budget Travel
We offer a vast selection of Scheduled Guided Group Camping Safaris with regular guaranteed departure dates. These Safaris are an inexpensive option to see the highlights of Namibia but still with comfort. All trips are run with small group sizes.
Scheduled Departures
  • Fly-In Safaris
  • Luxury Travel
We offer a selection of exciting Scheduled Fly-In Safaris with guaranteed departure dates featuring the attractions of Namibia.
This safari style is the top end of the African safari market - when time is of the essence, a fly-in safari affords visitors the opportunity to get from lodge to lodge, area to area in the quickest possible time, and these scheduled options offer this safari style at very attractive prices.
Special Interest Tours We offer specialized tours through the use of experienced guides with special qualifications including ornithology, geology, zoology and botany.
Incentive Travel We custom design Incentive programmes that combine unique activities, memorable theme parties, well-selected hotels, restaurants and unusual venues that reflect local culture in an extraordinary fashion.
Academic Field Study Tours Our Namibia Academic Field Study Tours include exclusive meetings with experts in special fields, introductions to officials in various organisations and access behind the scenes where public entry is usually denied.
Media Production Support We offer comprehensive Media Production Support packages; which can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each project, which will guarantee the logistical success of any film shoot or media project.
Chauffeur Drives & Shuttles

From a simple transfer to a complicated corporate road show or conference, an extended sightseeing tour or high profile VIP visit, our commitment to excellence guarantees a quality service every time.

Airline Flight Bookings

We provide an efficient Airline flight reservation service with highly competitive airfares throughout the Southern African region.
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