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Here we offer you an exciting selection of itineraries & routings covering more than one country in Southern Africa - "The Regional Experience"

Part of Southern Africa's charm and appeal is the amazing diversity that it offers as a region.

Our range of Country Combination Tours allow visitors a regional vacation by combining travel to two or more countries making for a much more varied experience.

Regional scheduled and charter flights conveniently connect the Southern African countries enabling you to explore the region in a short time.

Should you have more time available then you may want to plan an extended visit through Southern Africa, opting for an all-in-one experience, either on a Scheduled Tour, Private Guided Safari, Self- Drive Tour or Fly-in Safari.

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Contact us for advice & information on how to reach the departure point of theses safaris and how to continue afterwards......

As Custom Design Travel Specialists we can tailor-make any itinerary to suit your individual needs and interests and we therefore welcome you to contact us should these tours not be exactly what you are looking for.



PASSPORTS must be carried with you at all times whilst on safari and in the vehicle. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your safari finishes/you leaving the country. We cannot accept any responsibility or refund on a safari in this scenario.

VISA REQUIREMENTS - Visas are your own responsibility; persons arriving without the relevant visa for their safari will not be refunded in this scenario.

PERSONAL TRAVEL INSURANCE is not included but is compulsory when travelling on any safari. Travel insurance is for your own protection and we consider it to be an essential part of modern international travel. Please consult your travel agent prior to leaving home or contact us.

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