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Finding the right vacation

Southern Africa is a long haul destination, therefore planning is the most important aspect of your vacation, finding the right fit can make or break your experience. 

For some people, half the fun of going on holiday is in the planning……for others it a tedious waste of time! You need to tell us as to which of these you are. We can take care of everything from start to finish or merely play a role of adviser and organiser.

Together with our guidance and assistance we can build a programme that will suit your style and personality; simply follow our suggested guidelines.


Our A-B-C guide to your dream holiday in Southern Africa


A: Establish your Requirements

Budget How much money are you prepared to spend on your vacation – excluding international air fares?
Length of Vacation How many days do you have to your disposal?
Time of Travel This is essential information as it determines pricing and availability.
Luxury Category Do you want to travel to Southern Africa on a shoe string or do you want to travel in absolute style and luxury
Expectations What is important to you? What do you expect from your trip? Are you looking for a particular level of comfort or a unique experience?
Your interests Are you interested in cities and cultures, or do you want to combine it with nature? Do you have specific interests like birding, fishing, safari, train tours, beach or wellness spa’s. Again you might want to combine these.
Type of vacation How much activity do you want? Do you prefer a stay-put vacation; do you want to see and do as much as possible; or would you like to combine a few casual days to relax? If you want to see as much as possible, think of the option of using air travel.
Type of Accommodation Hotel, B&B, Guest House, Self Catering, Camping, Resort, Honeymoon Retreat, Lodge, Wellness Resort or a combination of these.
Travel Partners Are you going to Southern Africa with your family with young kids, on honeymoon or just general vacation with your partner and/or friends?
Travel Options What type of vacation is right for you? Would you like to sit back and relax on a scheduled escorted group tour with like-minded individuals; do you prefer a private guided safari or an independent, on-your-own vacation? A combination of these different options are possible. Please read through our Travel Options section.
Choice of Country or Countries Each country in Southern Africa has a special appeal the choice will all depend on your interests. Please read through our Country Information section
Special requirements Do you have special dietary requirements that need to be relayed to all the hotels and operators? Do you or any other member of your party have any disabilities that we must know about in order to cater for their needs?

B: Contact us

Once you have assessed and decided on all these points, then the next step is easy Contact Us and give us all your requirements and we will send you our suggested vacation options to suit your style.

C: Correspondence & Conclusion

We will be in constant contact with you to keep you up to date with regard to the development of your itinerary. During this period you need to enquire and finalise your international flights with the airlines. We will be able to book all flights within Southern Africa. Upon confirmation of itinerary and completion of full payment, we will email you your complete itinerary and your package voucher.

Travel Documentation & Vouchers
An Information Pack with individual vouchers, background information, brochures, maps etc will be handed to you upon arrival. Each voucher is made out for each service you use and this voucher is handed over to the particular service provider – hotel, car rental company or tour operator.

Upon Your Arrival
We arrange that you are met by a company representative upon your arrival at the airport, here you will hand over your package voucher and receive your detailed Information Pack. From the moment you step off the plane you will be taken care of. Please read through our Value Added Services.

Points to Ponder
How do you fit in? Try to choose accommodations that are compatible with your style and comfort level. If you like things casual; check to see whether it may be too formal for your taste; or vice versa. If on a guided tour, decide how important it is that the other people in your group be from a similar background or educational level.
Are your expectations realistic? Are you willing to compromise in order to save money? If you’re trying to save money, decide whether it matters that your hotel room faces the back or has no view. Remember, you usually get what you pay for. If you’re travelling on a bare bones budget, don’t expect top-drawer luxury.

View our Destination Orientation page for a quick overview of Southern Africa and see our Travel Tips.


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