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Southern Africa is a long haul destination, with a wide variety of places to visit and choices of safari styles; therefore planning is the most important aspect of your vacation and finding the right fit can make or break the experience.

Some people find that half the fun of going on holiday is in the planning… for others it is a tedious task and a waste of time!

We can take care of everything from start to finish or merely play the role of adviser and organiser.

For your convenience we have compiled a fun, informative and useful Travel Planner to guide you in your planning. Here is a brief overview of the content on our Travel Planner....

Finding the right vacation – This is an A-B-C Guide to your dream holiday in Southern Africa, you…

  1.  Establish Your Requirements (How to decide exactly what you want)
  2.  Contact Us (How to make this happen)
  3.  Correspond & Conclude (How to realise your wants and needs)

Destination Orientation – As an overview we have compiled a brief summary of vital information regarding each of our destinations and have included Local Time, Language, Health Precautions, Currencies, Costs, Safari Experiences and Visa Requirements.

Safari Seasons – This section summarises, according to the weather and the different seasons, when it is the Best Time to visit.

How to get there – Here we provide you with brief information on National Airlines and how to get to each destination.

Travel Tips for African Safari – These are guidelines on Travel Documents, Travel Insurance, what and how to pack as well as Helpful Travel Hints. For your convenience we have also added a Packing Check.

Safari Etiquette – We promote ‘Responsible Travel’ which is simply treating others with the same respect you would ask for in your own community and being aware of one's social and environmental footprint. We strive to convey conscientious travel to our guests while on safari.

Travel Check List – As we know how easily things are forgotten in the excitement of your holiday anticipation, this handy travel check list we have compiled covers important pre-departure arrangements, leaving you with total peace of mind that nothing is forgotten while you are away on holiday.

Photography Tips –We have compiled a list of useful photography tips which should help you to take memorable photos while on holiday, taking with you all the very special moments you are bound to enjoy on your African safari.

We hope that you have found our Travel Planner useful and would like to ask you to please send us any additional information that you would like to share on our website.

Together with our guidance and assistance we can build a programme that will suit your style and personality.

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