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Zambia is a country dominated by wilderness and an amazing sense of space. Lush river valleys and floodplains offer excellent habitat for a huge range of wildlife species, as do the dense woodlands that cover much of the country. Still relatively unexplored by most visitors to Africa, Zambia conjures images of a bygone era, with vast areas of pristine wilderness still to be fully discovered. The roads are generally unsuitable for self-driving and distances between the countries highlights are huge.

This vast country has 19 national parks, 6 major lakes, more than 20 different tribal groups, and rich animal life and was the home of game walking as an incomparable method of enjoying Africa’s flora and fauna. Zambia shares the incredible Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe and the numerous adrenalin activities of the Zambezi River can be enjoyed from both countries.

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Why visit Zambia?

  • The Victoria Falls
  • White water rafting on the Grade 5 Zambezi River
  • The South Luangwa National Park is one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The concentration of game around the Luangwa River and its ox-bow lagoons (danbo’s) is one of the most spectacular in Africa
  • Kafue National Park, one of the largest game reserve in Africa
  • Zambia has vast wetlands, rivers, swamps and lakes
  • Bird watchers paradise, Lochinvar National Park has over 400 known species of birds. The rare shoebill stork and the Taita Falcon may be seen in other parts of Zambia
  • Over one million fruit bats roost in the swamp forests of the Kasanka National Park
  • The highest uninterrupted waterfall in Africa – The Kalombo Falls (221m)
  • There are 28 different cultural ceremonies each year including the 300 year old Ku’omboka ceremony
  • Historically interesting sites including David Livingstone’s memorial
  • Shiwa Ng’andu – made famous by the book – The Africa House. Well worth a visit

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